Xtramix Cement Products LLC

Xtramix Cement Products LLC was acquired on 2014 in order to increase the product range of Xtramix Group of Companies. This has set it as one of the vision to be a total concrete solutions provider in the industry. XCP manufactures different types of blocks and interlocks.

Stringent quality control inspections to ensure standards are set in place – from receiving the raw materials, production line, storage and delivery to the final submission of the projects. The main raw materials used in block concrete mix are carefully selected and tested regularly to meet different product and customer requirements. The machinery & equipment used in producing the blocks is undergoing strict preventive maintenance to ensure product quality is maintained, and safety of manpower is highly observed.


Arranged readiness of all required resources once production schedule is coordinated and agreed upon to is always ensured. All raw materials are stored properly in silos and bins to maintain its quality. Approved materials will be loaded and weighed.
Mixing/ Block and Interlock Making & Moulding

The mixing plant is computer programmed and thus ensures mixing of aggregates, cement, water & colored pigments (if applicable) in accurate proportions. The machinery will mix all materials then admixture and water will be added to create semi-dry mix. The semi-dry mixture will be transferred into the block-making machine automatically. The machine will fill the molds with the mix and compact it over a steel pallet by hydraulic force associated with vibration. Finally de-molding the blocks and conducting strict quality control check ensures a perfect final product.

The steel pallets with blocks are transferred automatically and cured in the curing chamber for about 18 to 24 hours as per the requirements. An automated finger car will collect the cured blocks and then the product will undergo quality check and strict inspection.

Cubing and Storage

Finished blocks will be cubed by the Cuber machine and strapped in a bundle by the strapping machine. Identification tags are attached in each bundle and stored in the stockyard accordingly ready for dispatch

Factory & Production

XCP utilizes two blocks factories, and they both are working for producing different types of concrete blocks (hollow and solid), interlock paving stones, and insulated blocks.

Our Products

  • Uni block – the standard paving stone
  • Rectangular – the timeless paving stone
  • Cable Cover tile
  • Hollow Block
  • Solid Block
  • Thermal Block – insulated building block
  • Hourdi Block
  • U Block
  • La Plaza

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