Vision Mission & Values


To be the preferred solutions provider for a full range of concrete products to the construction sector in the region, to develop long-term partnerships through the aligning of our products and services to the needs of our valued customers


To exceed the satisfaction of the requirements of clients in quality, quantity and services by producing high quality concrete & precast building products in accordance with international and local standards.


Xtramix demonstrates full commitment to the following core values,ensuring a customer service-orientated approach amongst all employees:


Quality, services and consistency are the lifelong commitment of Xtramix.

Customer Service

The commitment is to maintain solid and long-term business relationship, with clients, and all stakeholders to ensure an exceptional customer service.


Highly professional, experienced and outstandingly competent management and employees of Xtramix are continuously developing new ways to strive Excellence.


Transparency, trustworthiness and commitments to ethics and principles are the defining characteristics of the working culture of Xtramix.


Xtramix is driven by a culture of discipline and superb attention to detail that facilitates providing high-quality products and consistent services.

Health & Safety

Health, safety, security and well-being of the employees, and other stakeholders are the priority.

Environmental Sustainability

Fully committed to environmentally sustainable products, services and practices hoping that every single step Xtramix takes towards sustainable environment will contribute to the coming generations. Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental consciousness are embedded in our culture and have become a way of life for everybody.

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