QC and R&D

Xtramix Group of Companies places great emphasis on the Research & Development (R&D) to determine the concrete industry demand and to develop methods for assuring and controlling various concrete product quality.
The R&D objective is positioning Xtramix in a dynamic, research oriented, and technologically advanced company by being associated with the latest development and being integral part of the technological know-how of concrete industry.
The company has a professional team responsible for design, testing and verification. The concrete product development is tested and verified to ensure consistency and repeatability of the properties in meeting the customer particular requirements.
We believe that the continual development in excellence is only possible through intensive investment of resources in R&D. We conducted research through our internal R&D laboratory situated at Mafraq, Abu Dhabi and through collaborative research agreement with external parties.

Our Research scopes are:

• Concrete durability
• Environmental sustainability (e.g. recycled concrete aggregate, unwashed crushed sand with high volume of filter materials, etc.)
• High volume slag or Zero OPC concrete
• Lightweight concrete for various structure application
• Precast concrete application
• Alternative cementitious novel materials
• Long haul concrete.
• Special strength requirements 140 MPa @ 56 days.
• No-fine concrete.
• Self-compacting concrete (SCC)
• Under water concrete (Anti washout concrete).
• Mass concrete
• Shock absorbing concrete (SACON),
• Decorative concrete.
• Colored concrete
• Shotcrete
• Steel fiber concrete
• Ultra-high strength concrete (UHSC), etc.

Recently we have developed the application coarse recycled concrete aggregate in new concrete production for non-structural concrete application plus non-load bearing hollow block concrete production. This research was done in collaboration of Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) technical and sustainable development team and Abu Dhabi waste recycling company.
Refer the attached materials technical datasheet (MTDS) of specific concrete and concrete related products.



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