Our team

HR Vision

To be recognized as the most progressive and successful construction group and to be seen as the employee of choice.

HR Mission

Create and maintain a motivated work force to achieve basic organization goals .Establish and maintain sound organizational structures and desirable working relation among all members of the organization. Maintain high employee morale and sound human relations .To provide superior service and value to our employees .To treat employees fairly and share the success . To grow with business partners, investors and owners by providing professional management with efficient mission and acceptable leadership.

Employee Development

Xtramix is a challenging place to work where employees can develop their skills and at the same time keeping their values intact. The company believes that the employees are its primary asset with a pool of strong, unique individual talents and competencies among employees. Therefore, it cares to continually improve the business by investing in the continuous improvement of its employees.

It is the individual who are collectively the heart of a great company, and the driving force for the success at Xtramix Group of Companies. The growth we seek at Xtramix will only be accomplished if we hold ourselves accountable to a higher performance standard and we embrace change with a positive mindset.

Thus, employee development takes more than one step. It begins from OJT (On the Job Training) which allows new employees to plan and undertake a variety of courses and learning at their own convenience. This is followed up with coaching and training which enhance the skills and knowledge of the employees, contributing further to the achievement of the organizational goals. Mentoring programs, on the other hand, are designed to identify and achieve goals and objectives. Finally, probationary performance evaluation will take place before completion of six month period.

Human Resources will ensure the achievement of Xtramix operational business plans by increasing the productivity of its workforce. A recognition programs and annual performance appraisal are one of the initiatives to measures employee’s performance and development within the organization.

In Xtramix, hard work is rewarded appropriately. Efforts are well-recognized and opportunities for growth are numerous.

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