“Donate Blood, Give Life” Campaign


Abu Dhabi, 19 February 2017Xtramix Group of Companies has actively participated in the “Donate Blood, Give Life” Campaign through Abu Dhabi Blood Bank.

Xtramix commits to protect life and enhance health and well-being of its employees and the community. This commitment further motivates Xtramix to include blood donation in its Corporate Social Responsibility programs which will support thousands of lives.

The Donate Blood, Give Life Campaign was first launched on 24th January 2016 and again conducted earlier this year on 5th January 2017 through the active support of the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank.

There was a total of 42 employees for 2016 and 32 for 2017 have participated and donated their precious blood.

The Campaign was successfully completed through the commitment and support of Xtramix Top Management and the participation of its employees.

Why Donate?

Blood donation is a “noble act” that contributes to saving thousands of lives without harming donors. The Abu Dhabi Blood Bank supplies more than 25000 units of blood (a total of over 40000 blood products) yearly to save the lives of patients, one of them may be your family member!

What are the Benefits?

Blood donation is beneficial to the human heart. It reduces risk for cancer, boost production of red blood cells, lower cholesterol level, helps in weight loss, replenishes blood, aids in fighting hemochromilosis, facilitates in the production of red blood cells, makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated and donors are automatically warned of serious illness.

“Every drop of your precious blood, counts. Donate it.”


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